Now You Can Bet On Esports And Multiplayer Games Too

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Now You Can Bet On Esports Too!

There is a humour line within Malaysian Chinese: humans can bet on any event. Yes, as long as 2 parties are having a competition, there could be a betting.

From cards games, dice games, slot games to sports events such as football, betting carried on anywhere and at any time. Now, you can even bet on the esports games.

Esports is getting recognised as a formal sport in recent years, having many major competitions and tournaments worldwide, with high prizes and several awards.

Esports Appear In SEA Games And Asian Games

Esports was contested as a medal event in the 2019 Manila SEA Games, which was the first time it was officially contested in a multi-sports competition sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee. Esports also won 10 gold medals at the 2021 Hanoi SEA Games. Esports is also contested in the 2022 Asian Games by providing 8 gold medals.

With the participation in several sports events acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee, it is proven that esports is regarded as a genuine sport that practises human mentality. As we remembered decades ago, esports were treated as an activity or hobby that had a negative impact, especially to students and teenagers. Now, as the new era is dominated by technology and the internet, we can’t deny the advantages and significance of the esports industry.

With the appropriate involvement and proper participation, esports can train players’ mentality, teamwork ability, leaderships and organisational skills. Meanwhile, esports is also becoming a career, in which professional players could join a club and earn their salary and rewards.

Popular Esports Events Worldwide

Esports began as early as the 70’s, and has been widely developed since the 2000’s within the teenagers group. They like to gather in the cyber cafe to join the online multiplayers games. However, these activities were sort of pastimes and recreations at that time, until the esports were organised as competition and public events national and worldwide.

In Malaysia, the most popular esports game in early years were the Counter-Strike, which playing by multiplayers acting as armies or terrorists to attack each others. Regarded as the most classical and representative multiplayers game, Counter-Strike was played as esports in several competitions and tournaments.

Multiplayer games industry in Malaysia are later getting popular by Warcraft, Defense Of The Ancients (DOTA), Starcraft and Call of Duty etc., and in recent years, the most famous League of Legends (LoL) and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), which both competed as esports events in the 2021 SEA Games.

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