What To Expect At The Esports Event

The popularity of esports is growing, and so is the betting market around it. According to recent data, the esports betting volume reached $50 million in 2018, and that figure is expected to double by 2020. The growth of this market is also evident from the fact that more than 200 new operators have entered it since 2017.

What does that mean for you? If you’re a fan of gaming or esports, you now have plenty of opportunities to place your bets on esports events. So what can you expect at an esports betting event? Take a look at what people see there most often – from virtual skins to in-person bookmakers.

Virtual Skins

he first esports event you’ll experience is likely to be online. You can bet on the outcome of games and matches — the same way you’d place a bet at any online sportsbook. This is the main thing you’ll experience when you’re not actually at an esports event. Many esports bet sites will feature virtual skins. These are either used as a form of currency — or they’re directly applied to an esports match.

There are a couple of advantages to having virtual skins rather than a real-money betting system. For one thing, it makes esports betting accessible to younger people who can’t legally place bets with money. Virtual skins also make esports bet more engaging.

In-Person Bookmakers

If you’re actually at an esports event, you may come across an in-person bookmaker. These people make their living by taking esports bet matches — and they can often be found at gaming conventions and esports event. If you’re at an esports tournament, you may also come across a bookie booth. These are often run by betting operators — who will be looking for a certain group of fans to place bets on.

This is generally done so that the operator can make a profit — and it isn’t something you’d see at a non-professional esports event. Bookie booths are often run along with a selection of digital displays. These are screens that will show you the latest results and upcoming matches at an esports tournament.

Digital Displays And Big Screens

If you’re at an esports event and you’re looking for digital displays and big screens, you’ll generally find them inside the venue. Many esports events have massive LED screens that show the latest results and upcoming matches. There will also be a selection of other digital displays, such as betting odds and statistics. These are often updated in real-time to reflect all of the latest changes at an esports event.

Esports Contests

Some esports bet events are dedicated to esports contests. These are regular competitions where players can win prizes by predicting correct outcomes. If you win, you’ll be able to keep your prize and the money that you bet. If you lose, you’ll lose your bet — but you can try again for the next contest.


Esports betting is an exciting activity that you should try if you’re a fan of gaming. It’s a great way to engage with esports — and to earn some extra cash while you’re at it. There are plenty of different ways to enjoy esports betting — and you can experience them at a range of different esports events.

To get the most out of esports bet, make sure you read up on the different games and tournaments that are taking place. This way, you can make the most of your esports betting experience — and you can turn it into a fun way to earn some extra money.

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